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Big Potato is an indie games company from England. We specialise in party games which are easy to learn and quick to play.
From our Victorian workshop in London, we invent, design, sell, manufacture and market our ever-growing range of party games.
We know that when people play our games they love them. So we work closely with YouTubers to get the world watching our games being played, and appear at events around the world to get people playing them too. In this way, we’ve built a loyal following of Big Potato fans around the world. Today you’ll find Big Potato games on sale in over 28 countries.

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20 Second Showdown, The Blockbuster Movie Game, Colourbrain, Don't Get Got, OK Play, The Chameleon, What Came First, Top of The Pops, Scrawl, Scrawl Family Edition, Disney Sketchy Tales, P for Pizza, Muffin Time


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